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Latest Traffic Safety YouTube    

      445 pages (118 figures, 74 tables)   $129.99   Hardback sold out but paperback edition available

 Published August 2004      ISBN-10: 0975487108             ISBN-13: 978-0975487105

Traffic Safety applies the methods of science to better understand one of the world's major problems -- harm in road traffic.

"Highly readable, entertaining, and educational" writes one reviewer; another describes it as even better than the author's 1991 classic Traffic Safety and the Driver, and another as a fascinating book that will become a valuable reference and resource. (see reviews).  

Traffic Safety  goes to the heart of the problem, with unconstrained analyses and bold identification of more effective countermeasures. 

Traffic Safety covers the broad field of traffic safety in its 16 chapters:

  1.  Introduction*

  2.  Data sources

  3.  Overview of traffic fatalities

  4.  Vehicle mass and size

  5.  Environment, roadway, and vehicle

  6.  Gender, age, and alcohol effects on survival

  7.  Older drivers

  8.  Driver performance

  9.  Driver behavior

10.  Alcohol

11.  Occupant protection

12.  Airbag benefits, airbag costs

13.  Measures to improve traffic safety

14.  How you can reduce your risk

15.  The dramatic failure of US safety policy

16. Vision for a safer tomorrow*


*Chapter 1 and Chapter 16 are FREE (click to see pdf of Chapter 1 and Chapter 16 exactly as printed)

Text only of all chapters (html without, figures, tables, equations, or reference annotations in text) is available. 

Index provides detailed list of topics (page numbers refer to those in the book -- not available in html version).

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