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The following three chapters of 2004 book Traffic Safety provide extensive coverage of airbags:

Chapter 11  Occupant protection

Chapter 12  Airbag benefits, airbag costs

Chapter 15  The dramatic failure of US safety policy

   ( Complete list of Chapters at Table of Contents )

  Items below provided source material for the  comprehensive treatment in of airbags in  Traffic Safety


Airbag benefits, airbag costs. SAE paper March 2004 (much more in Chapter 12 of Traffic Safety, including material removed by the review process).

Make air bags a choice. Letter to the Editor,  New York Times, 1 Sept. 2003.

Article from Handbook of Transportation Science  (updated and substantially expanded in Chapter 15 of Traffic Safety).


Photo of Ralph Nader with airbag “safely” deploying into three-year old girl’s face  (this picture on page 391 of of Traffic Safety).

How to disconnect an airbag (This article, from the April 1998 issue of Car and Driver is provided, without any recommendations, for your information only.  The file is 2.3 MB, so expect delay.  If  you are using a telephone line, it will take a very long time).